New Fleet Website Live

Posted 01.19.2011 by High Admiral Reaper
After months of planning, information gathering and divisional coordination, the Black Sword Fleet''s beta website phase 1 is now live. While many have been using the stock market update since September, it should be no surprise to many of you.

I''d like to thank the efforts of Havoc and Renegade for the site design as well as Motti and Kieran for the writing and editing of content. Many members also provided captions, screenshots and videos and as I don''t have the list handy, I''d like to thank all the members for participating in making this project a reality.

I''d like to also remind everyone that we have a major vote this week for your political representatives in the Politik Korps senate. Be sure to enter your votes before Friday. The Senate has become a much more important organization in the last few months, so these votes now matter.

Enjoy the new site and let me know in-game or private message if anything is still broken or not linking correctly.

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