The Navy post-SWG

Posted 06.25.2011 by High Admiral Motti
Well the time we were all expecting would eventually happen is here, SWG is set to be put down December 15th of this year. What does that mean for the Navy? Let’s go through a quick breakdown that we discussed in our emergency Senate meeting this morning:

  1. What will the Navy do now?

    We’ll carry on as we always have; making our experience the best there is in SWG. We’ll continue to satisfy our member base and bring the best content and events as we can to our base. We’ll also kill a whole lot of rebels.

  2. What’s going to happen after SWG is dropped?

    We still plan to have those playing SWTOR to switch to Corporate Universal’s planned guild. We of course don’t want to lose the Navy, so there are plans to setup pre-cu based servers for those who enjoyed SWG and want a place to play. If we can break down some of the new content or even NGE content, we’ll include this as well.

  3. Is another game in the Navy’s future?

    Of course. Without a game, the Navy won’t be able to function as an active division. Debates are ranging from EVE Online to Star Trek Online, though Star Wars fans may shoot themselves in the face if we make STO an official game. We’re looking for another MMO that offers space and sci-fi elements.

  4. What about our website and all that SWG-integrated features?

    Obviously we can't use that anymore, so any SWG-related features will be pulled unless we can get them working with a pre-cu backend. Any new game will of course be brought into our website.
We will go into more detail once plans are further along for our post-SWG plans. We don’t want to decimate our member base, but we understand that we won’t be able to keep all of you, and we won’t be able to keep everyone satisfied with a single game with so many opinions. No division or gaming club for that matter wants to lose their established game, but we have no choice in the matter. We’ll continue to move forward, we hope you all continue with us through that journey as well.

- Fleet Rep, Admiral Motti.

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