Merchant Stock Market

The Galactic Stock Market is an automated software package used exclusively by the Black Sword community. Every day numbers are entered into the system by the independant Logistics Office and verified by individual corporations involved in the Merchant Consortium. Individuals can purchase stock through the respected Banking Clan. The basics of the system are affected the numbers is profits, sales and losses a corporation takes each day. These can bring up a sector or drag it down. For more information on the stock market, visit a Banking Clan representative.

Interstellar Fashions Market Valuation - Last 14 Days

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Corporation Market Share

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Company Valuation:
421,210,000 crds

Average Monthly Income:
900,418,672 crds

Current Share Price:
724.000 crds

Share Price Average:
32,304.064 crds

Share Price High:
520,084.000 crds

Share Price Low:
211.000 crds

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